This is me...

Hi, My name is Anneke Keller and I work at Jumbo, a successful and fast growing supermarket chain. Within Jumbo I am responsible for the Jumbo Tech Campus which is the department that develops all software for Jumbo. My team is growing very fast since our market and our company is growing and we want to become the biggest online foodretailer and to do that we need to innovate fast.

Besides my day-time job I am also a part-time management coach. At Jumbo, but also in my former jobs at Coolblue, KPN and TomTom I have learned a lot about changing and scaling organisations, about both server-side and embedded software, quality assurance, DevOps, distributed teams and (Cloud)infrastructure. In 2016, 2017 and in 2019 I was named one of the 50 Most Inspiring Women in Tech in the Netherlands.
I love to share my knowledge, to help and to learn. Please take a look at the coachings section of this website when you are interested.

When I am not busy working you can usually find me in my shed, busy with my biggest hobby; wood-working. I am not saying I am the best carpenter in town, but I can make a table that doesn’t break down at its first dinner. And more important... I love doing it!

Picture of Anneke Keller