My career

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CTO Wehkamp

2021 - present, Currently I work at Wehkamp. Wehkamp is a big E-commerce player in the Netherlands with a broad assortment like clothing, furniture and electronics. Within Wehkamp my job is to lead the Technology team. A team that needs to innovate fast since our market is growing, changing and also our competition is getting stronger. Due to this, my team is also growing and learning to be better every day. Meanwhile, we love E-commerce and Technology!

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Supervisory board of the WWF (Wereld Natuur Fonds)

2018 - present, As a member of the Supervisory Board of the WWF I support this great organisation as much as I can with advice about Digital Strategy, Marketing, Engagement and IT. Our nature is the biggest miracle on earth. The mission of the WWF is to build a world together in which humans and nature live in harmony. Be one with nature!

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Head of Jumbo Tech Campus

2017 - 2020, Together with my team, I founded the Jumbo Tech Campus (JTC) in 2017, the software development department that builds all software for Jumbo, mainly in-house. Jumbo is the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands and wanted to make a big step in becoming more of a Tech Company. In the first 3 years of the JTC we've implemented Agile, grew from a mainly external team to a mainly internal team. We've brought Belgium live for Jumbo, brought our online environment to the cloud, grew our online sales hugely, kept our systems stable during 2020 with the huge load caused by the Corona-crisis and renewed all POS (point of sales) systems in the supermarkets. Also we organized 2 very succesfull hackathons which we loved to do, but also brought a great amount of new tech-ideas into Jumbo. logo

Independent Management Coach

2005 - present, Besides my day-time job I am a part-time management coach. At Coolblue, but also in my former jobs at KPN and TomTom I have learned a lot about changing and scaling organisations, about both server-side and embedded software, quality assurance, DevOps, distributed teams and (Cloud)infrastructure. In May 2016 I was named one of the 50 Most Inspiring Women in Tech in the Netherlands.
I love to share my knowledge, to help and to learn. Please take a look at my the coachings section of this website when you are interested.

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Head of Software Development at Coolblue

2013 - 2017, I worked at Coolblue, one of the biggest online retailers of the Benelux and the fastest growing company in this industry where I was responsible for software development. With 28 scrum teams we worked on the E-commerce platform, on the backoffice systems, on the infrastructure needed to run these platforms and the workplaces and since Coolblue values data analysis a lot at Coolblue there are quite some teams working on Business Intelligence. In four years we've succesfully grown from 5 to 28 scrumteams, implemented continouos deployment, migrated the whole of the Coolblue webshop to the cloud and many more.

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EVP Software Engineering at CCS

2011 - 2013, In 2011 I worked for the company CCS. I was a member of the board and responsible for Software Engineering in the Netherlands and India. We made the software product Level 7 for the Insurance Industry.

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VP Software Engineering

2007 - 2011, In 2007 I joined TomTom Navigation Systems as a VP Software Engineering. At that time, TomTom was rapidly accelerating its growth, as was my team. Our biggest challenge was meeting the deadlines for delivering the embedded software. I am proud to say that we succeeded in that! In 2009 we delivered all our 10 software projects in time without having quality problems. My team at TomTom had 20 different nationalities. Most of them were based in Amsterdam, part of the team was situated in Taiwan, China and India.

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Management Trainee and IT Manager at KPN

1997 - 2007, After studying at the Delft University of Technology, I started working for Royal Dutch Telecommunications (KPN). As a management trainee I was given the opportunity to grow as an IT manager, including managing 250+ teams. In 2005 I managed my first outsourced software team in India.

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Member of the city council of Delft for STIP

1993-1996. STIP is short for for Technical Students in Politics (Studenten Techniek In Politiek in Dutch). In 1993 we founded this party in Delft. The goal was to change the way the political parties treated the students in this city by joining the city council.
This proved to be a very succesfull initiative. We campaigned and got elected in the city council of Delft. I was the second member of the council for STIP in 1994 and 1995. This was the start of a very succesfull political party. The party grew bigger and bigger and is a very serious member of the city council in Delft nowadays.

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Student at the Technical University of Delft

1990 - 1997, Industrial Design Engineering.
Some projects:

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