Thoughtleaders Network, Delft

24 November 2023, on this event Tim Meeuwissen, my co-author and me will talk about building an Engineering Culture and "The Cherry Model". More info

CIO TV, Online

7 December 2023, live talkshow with Rob Beijleveld about "The Cherry Model". More info

CIO breakfast, NTB

19 January 2024, early morning, more info later.

LEAD Seminar, Amsterdam

6 March 2024, on this event I will talk about "The Cherry Model" and what it can do for your organisation. More info


Lezing “In het spoor van Ad van Goor”

2 November 2023. (Dutch) Stichting "In het spoor van Ad van Goor" organiseert dit event in de St Joriskerk in Amersfoort. ik heb daar gesproken over het Cherry Model en andere relevante digitale ontwikkelingen in de logistieke sector samen met Jos van Hilligersberg.

iTech Law conference

October 2023. In the beautiful Krasnapolsky Hotel on the Dam of Amsterdam, I was invited to participate in a panel on the iTechLaw conference to discuss vendor management. How can you make sure that in a business to business relationship both parties thrive. "The Cherry Model" can help to focus on the right aspects.

Innovatieprijs Circulair Denken en Doen

October 2023. Ianus (my husband) and me were very honoured to receive the "Innovatieprijs Circulair Denken en Doen" for our proposal "Kamperen bij de Voedselbosboer", from the city council of Altena. We aim to expand our forest garden (around 0,75 hectare right now) to a much bigger area of 3 hectare with some ecolodges to give people the opportunity to experience life outside the city. We want to make our food forest both ecological and economical sustainable so that it will be able to grow for at least 150 years.

The Cherry Model Book launch

September 2023. Our launch event took take place on the 17th in "Het Robijnsbos" a forest garden in Sleeuwijk (near Gorinchem). Tim Meeuwissen, my co-author and me both presented "our" part of the book and we were very happy so many people joined our party.

ME Executive Day

May 2023. In the Fokker Terminals in The Hague, Management Events organised a conference on which I was allowed to deliver a keynote. After a great presentation of Marga Hoek on Sustainability and before the impressive tricks of Hans Kazan I talked about "The Cherry Model", my way of growing innovation within companies. And announcing my new book " The Cherry Model", expected in August 2023.

HP Work Happy Event

February 2023. Again a live broadcast. In Capital C and online we talked about how hybrid teams can work safer, more productive and more together. Rens de Jong hosted the show. Pelle Aardewerk, Eric Wesselman and Dave Maasland were with me at the table. This event was organised by Business Insider and sponsored by HP.

LEAD Live!

February 2023. A live broadcast, always exciting. A talkshow organised by the Leadcommunity. Together with Sendill Kumar Nellaiyapen and Ellis de Haan and hosted by Evelien Roos and Laurens Bonnema. We talked about how being a good leader can positively influence an engineering culture.

Super Tech Friday

December 2022. Just before the big WK football match that evening I was allowed to speak on the Super Tech Friday of Devon. We discussed the Cherry Model, a system that can be used to bring innovation to a tech team. Part of that model is implementing DevOps.

First JEX Meet-up

December 2022. I was honoured when JEX invited me to speak at the first-ever meet-up. The theme was "Decision making for developers" and I talked about how to trust and listen to your team to be better together. Check out this nice blog from JEX about this evening.

CIO of the Year

October 2022. ICT media nominated me as one of the 3 "CIO's of the year" at their CIO day. I spoke on this event about my experience within Coolblue, Jumbo, TomTom and Wehkamp.

CIO&CDO Insights 2022

June 2022. ICT media nominated me as one of the 3 "Most Innovative Leaders" in the Netherlands at the CIO&CDO Insights event. The case we presented was the multi-label project we ran at Wehkamp where we integrate Kleertjes in the Wehkamp stack and make Wehkamp an integrated multi-label company.

Opzij 2020

November 2020. The magazine Opzij named me as one of the most influential Women in the Netherlands in their Top 100.

DADD 2019

November 2019. Together with my colleague Gosse Reinsma I did a talk at Digital Architecture Design Day about the Jumbo Tech Campus, how we learn and make things small. Our talk is called: How to fail!

Websummit AI

October 2019. I was talking about AI in the retail world at World Summit AI. How we are grow within IT from Agile, to DevOps to AI in our software development process.

Podcast Innovative leaders by INFO

August 2019. Together with INFO we recorded a podcast about how we build the future of retail. Many thanks to Remmert Stipdonk for being a great host.

Most inspiring woman in Tech, Inspiring Fifty Netherlands

May 2019. The goal of Inspiring fifty is to create female role models for the Tech world by creating a list of the 50 most inspiring women in Tech. In 2019, I was honoured to be on that list.

DevOps, Heliview 2019

May 2019. Together with my colleague Jeroen van Soelen, I did a talk about how working better between Dev & Ops can really improve your time-to-market in an agile team at the DevOps conference of Heliview.

Nextbuild 2018

September 2018. together with my colleague Yassine I did a talk at Nextbuild about the Jumbo Tech Campus, how we build it and what works for us and what doesn't. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Agile Leadership Europe

May 2018. Talk at the ‘Agile Leadership Conference’. I spoke about the Agile management Squeeze, why it is sometimes hard to be a manager in an agile organisation.

Devon Summit

March 2018. Talk at the Devon Summit 2018 about Continuous Delivery and that it can be scary to implement. The organisation made a nice 'after movie’.


January 2018. Being nominated for an award is cool! But being part of a jury that awards others for the first Techionista awards, that's even better!


November 2017. Nominated as 'zakenwonder' on the Viva400 list 2017.

Moving from Coolblue to Jumbo

November 2017. On the 1st day of this month I started working for Jumbo as Head of the Technology Campus. Several news sites reported on this Emerce, Twinkle magazine and Distrifood.

Interview Emerce 100

August 2017. Interview about how we built the Tech team of Coolblue by Ellen Nap from the Emerce 100.

Outsourcing Performance Day

June 2017. Presentation at the Outsourcing Performance Day about how we build the Tech team of Coolblue.

Sounding the gong, Euronext Stock Exchange

May 2017. As 'Inspiring Fifty' we were invited to open the Euronext Stock Exchange.

Most inspiring woman in Tech, Inspiring Fifty Netherlands

March 2017. The goal of Inspiring fifty is to create female role models for the Tech world by creating a list of the 50 most inspiring women in Tech. In 2017, I was again on that list.

De carrière van Anneke Keller, AG Connect

March 2017. AG Connect, formerly know as the 'Automatiseringsgids', interviewed me. Nice article about my career.

IT Masters 2016, BNR

November 2016. Business News Radio (BNR) interviewed me for the college tour during the IT Masters 2016 event. Great to talk to so many young IT talents about software development at Coolblue.

Donation to Dutch TIN, PSC

September 2016. Since around 10 years I have been on the board of 'Stichting Poppenspel' (PSC), our goal is to preserve the legacy of the puppeteers of the Netherlands. To meet this goal PSC has donated their collection to the Dutch Theater Institute (TIN). To celebrate this happy event we have made a catalogue with pictures of all the artefacts of this collection.

Most inspiring woman in Tech, Inspiring Fifty Netherlands

May 2016. The goal of Inspiring fifty is to create female role models for the Tech world by creating a list of the 50 most inspiring women in Tech. In 2016, I was on that list.

Picture of Anneke Keller